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Senate Health Care Bill Includes Deep Cuts to Medicaid 2928

WASHINGTON — Senate Republicans, who for seven years have promised a repeal of the Affordable Care Act, took a major step on Thursday toward that goal, unveiling a bill to make deep cuts in Medicaid and end the law’s mandate that most Americans have health insurance. The 142-page bill would …

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5 Foods That Can Help You Prevent Risks of Breast Cancer

According to reports, by 2030, the number of women diagnosed with breast cancer every year could almost double to 3.2 million. A new, deep-learning computer network can help treat breast cancer; diet plays important role too Alarmingly so, the number of breast cancer cases in India are only increasing with …

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How to Look Young and Beautiful Five Beauty Secrets

you are looking for to look young and most beautiful, you should become slim. You should eliminate any excess weight you have stored in the form of fat in your belly and hips and trim your waistline. You can do this with a determined mind, a workable plan and a …

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Why Is Butter Yellow If Milk Is White?

In your musings about odd things, it may have occurred to you to wonder, if butter is basically made from the skimmings of milk, and milk is white, why is butter yellow? When you think about butter making, it’s a multi-step process, starting with cows. Cows, in the best and …

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