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Monday’s Morning Email: What To Expect From Trump’s Afghanistan Strategy

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP TO LAY OUT AFGHANISTAN STRATEGY TONIGHT His national security advisers have lobbied for an increase in troop levels.

10 SAILORS MISSING, 5 INJURED FOLLOWING WARSHIP COLLISION EAST OF SINGAPORE This is the second time in a little over two months that a U.S. warship has had a major collision in Asian waters.

THE BURDEN OF HATE HuffPost examined the rise of modern white supremacy, from Charleston to Charlottesville. Follow our timeline and track hate.

ICAHN EXITS BEFORE CRITICAL NEW YORKER PIECE “Billionaire investor Carl Icahn, who resigned as President Donald Trump’s special adviser on regulations on Friday, did so just hours before The New Yorker magazine published a critical article that detailed his potential conflict of interest and questioned whether he had acted illegally.”

A LOOK AT TRUMP’S CHIEF OF STAFF IN LIGHT OF STEVE BANNON’S DEPARTURE Three weeks into John Kelly’s tenure, the question is: Has he gotten through to the president? [HuffPost]

THE DESPERATE NEED FOR DIAPER BANKS “This gap in the social safety net has given rise to a new charitable institution in America: the diaper bank. The first U.S. diaper bank opened in Tucson, Arizona, in 2000, after several years of volunteer-driven holiday diaper drives. In the last 17 years, hundreds more have been established across the country, distributing millions of diapers to families in need.”


TRIBUTES ARE POURING IN FOR JERRY LEWIS The beloved comic died Sunday morning. He was 91.

PLEASE DON’T RUIN YOUR EYES BY LOOKING AT THE ECLIPSE WITHOUT PROTECTION We here at The Morning Email value your eyesight. Here’s how to watch the magic safely.

THIS LITTLE TRIP-UP COULD BE COSTING YOU HUNDREDS ON AIRFARE And no one likes to give away more of their money.

ABOUT LAST NIGHT Anyone hoarse from yelling at their TV for the penultimate “Game of Thrones” episode this season? There was the resurrection of a beloved character, more glimmers of a relationship we all want to happen despite the consequences, and one heck of a winter coat. Meanwhile, the “Game of Thrones” spinoff screenwriter is dropping some hints, and we just keep reaching for happiness in this’gram Emilia Clark posted of Jon Snow.



JAY-Z GETS REAL ABOUT THAT FIGHT WITH SOLANGE We still will never look at elevators the same way.


Spanish police are hunting a Barcelona terror suspect they fear may have slipped over the border to France.

Comedian and civil rights activist Dick Gregory died Saturday at the age of 84.

“How to get away with murder in small-town India.”

The Trump administration has disbanded a federal climate change advisory committee.

Why America’s founding father would be furious with Trump.

The latest on NAFTA negotiations.

A judge has refused to dismiss the 40-year-old rape case against director Roman Polanski.

Absolutely no one wanted to go on the Sunday news shows to defend Trump following his Charlottesville remarks.

Serena Williams’s fiancé has some thoughts on her pregnancy cravings.

This chart about when you peak at things in life is supposed to make you feel better about aging, but it still terrifies us.

This lost WWII ship was found in the Pacific 72 years later.

Never thought we’d see the day the Ludacris song essential to all high school mixers became a protest anthem.

Is Taylor Swift about to drop a new album?

This Florida resident has a 36-year-old piece of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding cake.

Powerball is at $650 million, so if anyone wants to send The Morning Email tickets, we’d be obliged.

Back off, boxed wine haters: The stuff stays good up to six times longer than bottled wine.

Good luck paying the rent on the apartments from your favorite Netflix shows.

About Prince William breaking that royal protocol…

And Merriam-Webster had some thoughts on Trump telling America to “heel.”

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