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What Would Happen!! if Earth Stopped Spinning for 1 Second?

Have you ever puzzled what would happen if the world stopped spinning? you’ll in all probability guess that it’d not end in something smart, in fact, it’d be fatal. If the world stopped spinning suddenly, most of the people on Earth would die. If the world bogged down step by step, it’d be fully devastating, however there’s an opportunity some folks might survive. Here is what would happen.

If Earth Suddenly Stopped Spinning

Our atmosphere is rotating at constant rate Earth is spinning: about 1050 miles per hour at the equator, with the speed decreasing the any north or south you go from the equator. The rotation is effectively zero at the north and South Pole.

If our world suddenly has been stopped rotating, the beautiful atmosphere would still continue moving at 1050 miles every per hour, and something not connected to bedrock would be ripped off the surface of the world.  This includes rocks, trees, buildings, individuals — all thrown sideways at a speed of 1050 mph (at the equator). might you imagine the oceans being pushed interior therewith speed?  Oceans would travel close to seventeen miles (28 kilometers) interior in mere sixty seconds.  Yikes.  If you’re undergound way enough, like a subway, or at either pole, you would possibly be okay.

If Earth step by step Stopped Spinning

You may be thinking that, if Earth step by step stops spinning, we tend to won’t be flung around like rag dolls and everything are okay.  Wrong! it’d be a disaster.


Our Earth isn’t a sphere; it’s bulbous, which means it bulges at the equator (Earth is twenty six miles larger round the equator than it’s from pole to pole), all due to its spinning motion.  If the planet bit by bit slowed, the bulging water from the oceans would begin to maneuver aloof from the equator towards the poles.  Once Earth stopped spinning fully, effort it as a sphere, the oceans would flood most of Earth effort one large megacontinent round the middle of the earth.



The atmosphere rotates in adjust with the world, but with Earth’s rotation speed, the atmosphere begins to follow the flow of the oceans toward the poles.  This flow would eventually cause air being thicker at the poles and diluent at the equator.  There would exist solely four spots round the mid-latitudes wherever humans might survive.

Geological Disturbances

Earth is comprised of 3 main layers — the core, the mantle and therefore the crust.  Since every layer consists of various material, because the Earth’s rotation slows, every layer can slow at a distinct rate, making large friction between the layers.  This friction would end in earthquakes wherever there had ne’er been earthquakes before and increased volcanism, particularly on the sea bottom.  Once earth stopped spinning, the earth science disturbances would decrease.

Solar Radiation

Scientists believe that Earth’s flux is made attributable to Earth’s rotation and therefore the composition of its core — silver iron.  If the world stopped spinning, the flux would disappear departure us unprotected against the Sun’s harmful ultraviolet and deadly solarwinds.

Length of Day

The length of a year doesn’t amendment since Earth still rotates round the sun, but if Earth ceased to spin, daily and night would last six months. might you imagine? this might end in extreme temperatures of one hundred thirty five and -67 degrees physicist throughout the day and night severally.


If Earth stopped spinning, the atmosphere would additionally settle and with it the weather.  The weather would become very inevitable, because it would be controlled solely by the sun. it’d end in large storms on the sunny aspect of the world.

The Moon

Currently, the rotation of Earth is quicker than the moon, which ends up within the moon slowly moving faraway from Earth.  If the rotation stops, the moon can begin to maneuver towards Earth, and it’d eventually cause Earth to begin rotating once more. sadly, the moon would still move nearer to the world till it either collides with it or Earth’s gravity breaks the moon apart.

Although most humans wouldn’t survive if the world stopped spinning, some individuals would. several animals would go extinct, however others would flourish, particularly cold water ocean life.

It seems that Earth’s rotation is, in fact, planning to stop spinning sooner or later, however not for billions and billions of years. therefore don’t worry concerning it!

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