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Galaxy Note 7 buyers should get a Note 8 discount

People who bought and returned Samsung’s fire-prone phone last year should be rewarded with extras and cash. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will not be a cheap phone. But if you returned last year’s recalled Galaxy Note 7, Samsung should cut you a deal. Buyers shelled out over $800, £700 …

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WHAT’S THAT?WhatsApp to add major new feature which could make your life a LOT more expensive

WHATSAPP appears to be trialling a payments system which might become available in the UK in the coming months. A beta version of the latest update comes with “bank to bank transfer” function with a picture of a person holding a credit card in one hand and a smartphone in …

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Everything you need to know

What you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8What you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 release date is probably not that far away, but will the phone be any good – and will it explode? In this article, I’ll cover: …

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Galaxy Note 8’s killer specs and feature list were just confirmed

Among Android fans, there are pretty much only three exciting smartphone launches left this year. One is the Essential phone, though that’s mostly just morbid curiosity — not many people are actually going to buy one. The second is obviously Google’s upcoming second-generation Pixel phone launch, which will yield two …

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Samsung Galaxy S8: release date and everything you need to know

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 has arrived and we have all the details : The Samsung Galaxy S8 has finally been launched and… well, it’s entirely as we expected thanks to the myriad leaks that sprung up all over the internet in the preceding months. We know that some of …

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