First Commercial Quantum Computer From IBM Features An Awe Inspiring Design

Last year IBM showcased a 50-qubit quantum computer at CES, but it was just a beautifully designed exoskeleton that lacked major internal components including cooling and power management parts as it was too large to fit in a room. This year, they have brought to reality a quantum computer that is compact, has a modular design, and looks aesthetically pleasing.

All the parts of Q System One have been compactly fitted inside a 9-foot cube made with half-inch-thick borosilicate glass. The glass structure is essential to keeping the temperature of chips at around 10 milliKelvins

The cube has ‘doors’ that can be opened to access the Quantum computer in front and the control module and other cooling components at the rear. The structural integrity of the entire cube is ensured by using multiple frames made from steel and aluminum.

The structure with its wires, tubes, and dominating golden hue resembles an exquisite chandelier. Map Project Office, an industrial firm, is behind the awe-inspiring design of the quantum computer.

The computer is not fully functional yet. IBM, however, to some extent, has succeeded in overcoming the major challenge faced by quantum computers — the mammoth size.


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